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The first capital of Poland offers a lot of attractions.

It is worth paying your particular attention to:

  • Gniezno Cathedral - a gothic building surrounded with a circle of baroque chapels
    • The baroque tomb of St. Adalbert with a silver reliquary
    • The 12th century Gniezno Doors with the scenes from the life of St. Adalbert are a masterful and unique work of Romanesque art.
    • The cathedral vaults with ancient remains of our predecessor's buildings.
  • The Museum of Gniezno Archdiocese
  • The Museum of the Origins of the Polish State
  • The Monastery complex of the Guardians of the Holy Sepulchre
  • The Holy Trinity Church
  • The Monastery and Church of the Franciscan order
  • The palace complex with a landscape park

We suggest visiting the area around Trzemeszno - the Piast Route:

Biskupin - an archaeological reserve situated in the Biskupińskie Lake peninsula. Based on large fragments of the original settlement, there was reconstructed a part of fortified town with its ramparts, a gate and streets. The wooden country huts with their interiors and primitive household tools illustrate how our forefathers used to live;

Kruszwica - a tower with a beautiful view of the Gopło Lake panorama. A boat trip over Lake Gopło, which is one of the largest lakes in the Wilekopolska and Kujawy regions, may give you a lot of fun. In the developed peninsula there are numerous rowing and sailing harbours;

Wenecja - the ruins of the 14th century castle and the Museum of the Narrow Gauge Train. There one can admire a dozen or so steam locomotives of various kinds, as well as carriages with railwayman's gear and uniform exhibitions. The main attraction is a ride on a narrow gauge train, which connects Biskupin, Wenecja and Żnin;

Żnin - the most interesting monuments include the 15th century St. Florian's Church, The Museum of the Pałuki District located in the former magistracy building and a gothic town hall tower located in the market square of Żnin;

Ostrów Lednicki - the relics of Poland's oldest pre-Romanesque complex of palace and sacred architecture;

The Wielkopolska Region Ethnographic Park in Lednogóra - Dziekanowice;

Archaeological reserve - fortified settlement in Grzybowo, dated back to the 10th century;

Archaeological reserve - The fortified settlement of the Piasts in Giecz.

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Places worth seeing:
 1. Gniezno Cathedral
 2. The museum of Gniezno Archdiocese
 3. The Museum oft the Orgins of the Polish State
 4. Bishop's palace
 5. St. John the Baptist Church
 6. Our Lady of the Assumption Church and Franciscan Monastery
 7. The Holy Trinity Church
 8. Church of St Lawrence
 9. St Adalbert's monument
10. Town's walls
11. Adalbertus Hotel *** and Italian Restaurant
12. Palace Balcerowo